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opinionated    sarcastic    bipolar     insomniac

intrigued by people and their madness – because we’re all mad in some way

JA Kruger



South African author of dark transgressive fiction with an affinity towards exploring abstract issues such as religion, psychosis, drugs and sex in a genuine and unrestrained way. My work has been called a “pendulum of madness” with intense and poignant insight into the twisted minds of the criminal psychotic.

I am, however, someone who is not bothered by these labels but instead stimulated by people like me who would appreciate the twisted fiction; who ponder things beyond normal expected parameters and who are as fascinated as I am about controversial topics. I have lived for a couple of years now, seen many great things and experienced great moments. I have met many people in my life and in each of these people I have found things that intrigued me.

I have been blessed with good friends and not so good friends; intelligent enemies and some unfortunately not so, but I have found that all people deep down share similar fears and hates. All people have things that make them uncomfortable, even if we don’t know what those things are.