the trifling man

This is not the chauvinist manifesto you expect. This is not the “woman-hating” ranting you’ve been praying for. This is not the modern man preaching some sort of sexist uprising. This is not a Facebook page or a support group. This is not a hashtag. This is simply a question:


Since when have men become ashamed of being men? Are we now facing the same oppression that was inflicted on women for all these decades? Are we just expected to now adapt to something we have no idea how to adapt to?


What is a man? The modern man has a beard and brews his own beer. The modern man rides mountain-bikes on weekends. The modern man reads magazines written for modern men. The modern man is a father that supports and builds his children; moulds them to become successful contributions to a modern society. His modern society.


The modern man is wise with his money. He is both loved and loving in his marriage. He enjoys the subtleties in life. He has friends. He is self-assured.


The modern man is a myth. He is a myth to those men that are nothing he is but aspire to become him by emulating him; by reading the instructions given to men and pretending to understand them. Men today are not the well-rounded myths you would all like them to be. They are lost, insecure, frustrated and tired.

These are the real men. The unimportant men who once were proud to be men, but are too ashamed to try and be proud to be men again. I am one of these men. I am the trifling man.

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ja kruger – just another trifling man